The Fusion of Revealed and Acquired Knowledge

I-LIFT™ is a research based, integrated and holistic curriculum designed by our highly qualified
Research and Development (R&D) team with vast experiences in early childhood education.

Integrative Islamic Curriculum

Children are introduced to the Quranic verses that are supported by scientific findings. They are taught that everyday life must be referred to the Holy Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet.

Adopt And Adapt

Comprehensive syllabus, Teaching manuals, Integrative worksheets, Children Assessment.

Research Based Programme

Our R&D team are continuously improving and upgrading our curriculum and instruction to ensure that we are delivering the state-of-the-art education that fosters child's full potentials in being ahead of others.

Practical Solution to Dualism in Education

Generating an educated ummah that fosters an excellent understanding and practice of Islamic principles together with an outstanding academic achievement.


Complete teaching manuals and workbook
for home schooling.


Adopt and adapt a unique and distinctive state of the art
I-LIFT teaching learning methodology in your school.

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