Secularism has moulded our education system

Secularism has divided our education system into two; traditional (religious) and conventional (modern). This is one legacy of the colonial era, which has resulted in the greatest loss to the Muslim ummah.

It is the fact that leaders in almost all the Muslim majority countries; be it policy makers, corporate leaders or educators; are the products of secular education system imposed when these countries were under the purview of the colonial powers.

There is neither a shorter nor effective way to return our ummah to the glory days of Islam, except to revamp the way our children are educated, especially during their formative years. “Revealed” knowledge must be blended with the “acquired” knowledge and imparted to our young ones. Armed with this “blend”, seeds that shape the positive values of future generation are sown. This would result in a new generation of Allah-fearing ummah, some of whom will go on to become leaders of these nations.

I-LIFT Education Programme, is developed by the R&D team, whose members are authorities in early childhood education. It is a curriculum that is designed with this concern in mind. Children who had undergone the I-LIFT Education Programme, demonstrated a remarkable interest (and passion) in knowledge and creativity, as they are now able to relate the wonders of Allah’s creations through the scientific lens.

Having seen enough, we are now ready to share the efforts of our research and development, with the brotherhood.

However, our concept is unique. We believe that cooperation and ta’awun from our Muslim brothers/sisters would be a great investment for all of us, for both the dunya and the akhirat, as we strive to develop a generation of Mukmins and Muttaqeen