Ass. Prof. Dr. Nor Azian Ph.D.

…its curriculum is one of the most outstanding at the pre-school level in the country.

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Madam Noha Abu Karam

“…it combines the Islamic concepts to the secular sciences in a very structured educational way that urges the students to think, explore…”

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Mr Saeed A. Shaikh

“We really find a few people in the world who have dedicated their lives for the promotion of Islamic knowledge and teachings and made it as mission of their lives.”

Mr. Adha Muliantoro

“Alhamdulillah meskipun waktu kunjungan yang sangat pendek, kami keluarga besar TK Mutiara Aji, Sidoarjo-Indonesia mendapatkan kesan yang mendalam dan terinspirasi sekaligus tercerahkan dengan metode pendidikan di I-LIFT Education Programme, banyak metode pendidikan anak usia dini di indonesia yang bagus, namun disini metode yang diterapkan tidak hanya sekedar bagus tapi benar sesuai dengan sunah Rasulullah SAW dan nisbahkan semuanya kepada Allah SWT

Allahummayarham Al-Hajjaj Al-Sheikh Al-Qari Muhammad Qasim Lehri

“..It has successfully integrated the sciences and signs of Allah in every aspect of the curriculum, giving a new shift to the paradigm of Islam..”

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Dr Mohd Zuhari Othman, Veterinarian & Dr Jawaher Ahmad

“The benefit from the above programme are better discipline, reading ability in… English, and Al-Quran are significantly improved and moral value is more on Islamic way of life…

Major Azri Haji Ahmad

…it is proven now they are more alert with issues related to Allah, Islam and life. I have been observing and impressed to see their changes in becoming better Muslims. We as parents also improve and  benefit a lot of simple things that we thought we already knew…

Mr. Ahmad Kamil Noh LLB

…A good programme because involves a lot of activities, down to earth, activate the creativity, logics, Islamic Knowledge, as well as social life. Gives my daughter plenty of knowledge in Islamic teachings and relate with the scientific theories and studies…

Associate Prof.  Dr Ahmad Murad, O&G Specialist  &  Dr Zailin Ph.D

“The programme is effective in teaching my children about Islamic values in context of the core subjects that he has to learn in school like Math and English. The integration helps him see the bigger picture of how these values can be the foundation of his knowledge…